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I've made a perfect loop, but in the 0x40 editor it restarts with a sharp noise. I've got it saved as a .wav, tried different bit depths and sampling rates, still happens. Anyone got any advice?
fixed that by encoding in lame mp3, quite odd that wav has this issue.
There's no way to make your own .swfs, but you can make your own respacks. Just download an official one and look at how it's structured - it's just files in a zip file. Remember, wavs are not supported in zips (to make sure people don't start sharing giant wavs). It's also preferable to use LAME for encoding the audio, since we know the encoder delay (amount of silence) for it and can make loops seamless.
ded maymays
very nice job so far
i hope you keep making good flash
Very calming and makes me happy, thank you for making this.
I was exploring a bit and I found the George W. Bush "Trap" remix in one of the community packs.

I had the wonderful idea if there was a community pack with a bunch of trap characters set to that song lol
We've lost the main domain to a scalper, sorry. The old .swf files can't use the remote resource packs anymore, or horror hues enable itself on halloween. I've updated the blog links here and there, though.
The scalper wants over 100€ for the domain, and while it's sad to let it go, I'm not paying that much for a hobby project. RIP Hues.
Where is HERE and THERE? Also, have you tried doing that fake hologram thing with Hues? idk if you care much about it anymore.... Just, as you biggest fan, I felt the closure of this project was soon coming.
why not just post the original
better pump this flash full of bloat and shit girls so my 15 year old toaster cant run it without desync and 3 frames
easily the worst flash ever made
how come i cant view any of the flashes anymore it just dl's them, no fun
How can I go about making those images?
ripped a .wav from youtube using youtube-dl and it isn't playing when I load it into the editor menu, what did I do wrong
does it have to be encoed in a special way? is there a size limit? >_<
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